by Isaac Asimov

Oh where do I start? The Foundation triology has been the best book(s) I’ve read all year.

The triology is the perfect mix of plot, character development, and world building. Unlike the weaknesses in Dune or other sci-fi books, Foundation perfectly intermixes plot with world building. The scene is vast but the storyline easy to follow. And the characters each appear only for dozens of pages, leaving a two dimensional figure that’s glorified and twisted in future episodes.

Perhaps the best part about Foundation is that it spanned time. Not in a trivial sense of days of weeks passing but rather the triology spanned generations. It showed how even the best intentions can become warped over time and the predicatability of mankind.

I’ve enjoyed these books so much that I’m afraid to actually start the fourth book, Foundation’s Edge which was written roughly 30 years after the first three.

Regardless, this is a book that I will treasure for years to come.


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