by William Gibson

I’m not too sure how to feel about Neuromancer. It reads like a masterpiece. It feels like a masterpiece. It has the acclaims of a masterpiece. It even leaves that slightly bitter-sweet aftertaste upon finishing. But for some reason, I can’t say that it was a masterpiece. There was just something off about it.

Perhaps its the fact that I’m reading the book in 2021 when it was written in 1984 (back when computers barely existed) or the fact that Gibson spawls (get the pun? neuromancer is part of the spawl triology) around different scenes and characters with almost no space for the reader to reorient. But it felt that I couldn’t fully enjoy Neuromancer for what it is.

I’ll likely be giving it another go sometime later next year but for now, it’ll stay onmy bookshelf.


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